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Air conditioning and heating equipment repairs (gas/oil burners, reciprocating, centrifugal chillers, and air handling units). Repairs and service to all types of mechanical and process equipment (air compressors, furnaces, heat exchangers, pumps, centrifugal absorption, screw and reciprocating equipment, steam & hot water boilers, and gas & oil burners).



Full Coverage Agreement includes 100% coverage of all mechanical equipment on the premises or as listed.

Preventive Maintenance Agreement includes merely the seasonal start up, shut down, and operational inspections of equipment.

Inspection Agreements specially designed to include any degree of coverage or service to meet your individual needs and requirements.



Installation of controls and components, economizer cycles, automatic temperature setback and load shedding.

Facility Operations


•  Air flow testing and balancing.

•  Review and investigation of system complaints.


Fabrication and installation of all types of ductwork and systems: low, medium, and high-pressure systems.

•  Design fabrication and installation of hoods, exhaust, and make-up air systems.

•  Installation of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment.

Plant Maintenance


Design, installation, and modification of temperature control systems.

Installation Service & Maintenance of close tolerance control systems for all types of process equipment, clean rooms, and computer rooms.

Project Management


New construction and retrofit work for all heating and cooling systems, such as direct expansion, chilled water, high and low pressure steam, hot water, refrigerant and the installation of related equipment and components such as boilers, pumps, chillers, and heat exchangers.

Manufacturing and plant process systems including the installation and connection of all types of process equipment which requires air, steam, process water, fuel, and chemicals.

Installation of commercial and industrial coolers, freezers, and refrigeration equipment.

Project Management


Anchor Mechanical provides professional, quality related repairs and maintenance to your building or facility plumbing systems.

Project Management


Anchor Mechanical is a full service facility operations partner, providing highly trained Local 399 Operating Engineers with experienced management in all aspects of building operations

Project Management


•  Helicopter Lifts

•  Crane Lifts

•  Rooftop units

•  Cooling Towers

•  Chillers

•  Boilers